Curriculum Vitae

This is a public cut of my CV with redactions for privacy.

Alternatively available in PDF format.


I have 3 years experience with C# & Unity. This is evidenced by a portfolio of games, public source code and a range of digital certificates.

To improve my case for breaking-in to the industry, this year I participated in a gameplay programming bootcamp with Mastered, guided by Unity-authorised mentors and career coaches. Now I'm seeking a permanent position where I can hone my T-shaped skills, contribute to hit games and climb the ranks of the gameplay programmer discipline.

Relevant Experience

  • 16+ weeks major Unity project development at Mastered with weekly one-to-one mentoring. Also four monthly creator challenges, each simulating a live production scenario. Utilising Slack, Zoom & Trello for communication.
  • Independent participation in 8+ game jams, with optimised builds playable either natively or via web browser.
  • 11+ digital certificates in games business, design and development. Recently: C, C++ and Unity Learn pathways.
  • Actively learning C++ and Unreal Engine, utilising trusted courseware on Udemy.

Technical Skills

Unity — Scene flow, prefabs, sprites, animation, particles, input, Navmesh, project / editor / player settings, editor tools, debugger, raw asset imports, Unity Asset Store, package management, UIBuilder, ProBuilder, Photon multiplayer.

C# — Proficient in OOP principles: abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism & encapsulation. SOLID principles. Popular game programming patterns. Events. Persisting data and data-driven logic. Profiling & performance optimisation.

C/C++ — Intermediate understanding of C and C++. MSYS2 (Windows) and WSL2 (Ubuntu) build environments. Custom toolchains, make scripts, GNU compilers, static / dynamic linking and paths, debugging, leak detection, dependency tools.

Version Control — Experience with Git, GitHub, and GitLab. Understanding of branching models. Following code style and commit conventions, filing issues, pull requests, writing documentation, organisations / permissions and API integration.

Production Lifecycle — Agile development among multi-disciplinary and on-site distributed teams. Sprint planning, prototyping, development, documenting, stand-up and retrospectives. Collaborating via Trello, Jira, Confluence & Sheets.

Soft Skills

Flexible Learner — I am a quick and enthusiastic self-learner. Utilising primarily web resources, I adapt to new tools and technologies with ease and often under time pressures. I've learned to utilize ChatGPT as a coach and reasoning aid.

Focused and Disciplined — I thoroughly investigate and break problems down, applying Deep Work practices to tackle the workload. I also use Kanban tools to backlog and queue tasks, communicate my progress and reflect on progress made.

Collaborative — Using Slack, Zoom and Miro I've teamed-up for coding, ideation, strategy and design thinking sessions. This required patience, the ability to debate, manage conflict and find common ground among differing views.

Formal Education

Foundation Degree in Business ComputingCity College Norwich (UEA), 2006-2009

Professional Development

Intermediate C++Digital certificate issued by SoloLearn, August 2023
Intermediate CDigital certificate issued by SoloLearn, August 2023
Unity Learn – Junior ProgrammerDigital certificate issued by Unity Technologies, June 2023

Employment History

Web DeveloperSidekick Digital, November 2015 — July 2021
Web DeveloperBinarydrive, June 2013 — November 2015
IT ManagerOverburys Solicitors, July 2010 — September 2012


References and direct contact details available upon request.