Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminium Keyboard for PC

For some time now I’ve been on the lookout for a PC keyboard that closely matches my experience with the Apple Wired Keyboard (A1243). Due to it’s low profile, optimal key travel and superb scissor switches, the Apple keyboard practically eliminated the RSI I had been experiencing with cheap keyboards prior and as such I acquired several more over the years as backups.

The first solution I arrived at involved using one of the spares with stickers to appropriately decorate the re-mapped keys. Due to the lack of certain keys like Print Screen however, I eventually became discontent with the setup and decided to explore the market for a native solution.

Apple Wired Keyboard with PC Stickers
A cheap fix if you're not looking to spend significant money.

Enter the Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminium Keyboard for PC.

Here’s a keyboard which reviewers state is similar in look and feel to the Apple Wired Keyboard. They’re right. It’s actually quite remarkable! One could argue that it’s an evolved take on the Apple favourite. First impressions overall are very good!

Apple Wired Keyboard with PC Stickers
Fresh out the box. The black aluminium finish impressed.

I wouldn’t say the feel of the keys is identical, but they’re certainly very good and perhaps even an improvement on the Apple keyboard. I found myself typing on the Matias with familiarity and speed within seconds of using it. I’d say that I was able to tap into muscle memory from the get go.

The RGB lighting is a nice touch also. I keep it on a low setting however as I don’t enjoy bright lights in my peripheral vision. There’s a few key combinations that you need to memorise to adjust the brightness level, and there’s a dial on the back to adjust the colour. There’s no additional PC software required for configuration, which is counter to the trend and a win in my book.

Apple Wired Keyboard with PC Stickers
Same height as the A1243. One USB port on the right.

It provides one USB port opposed to two. Not a problem as I only ever used one of those anyway. I currently have a Logitech Unifying Receiver in there as a semi-permanent fixture and I’ve not noticed any drop in connection to my trusty Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse.

All in all, it’s been a solid purchase. Crucially, it passes the RSI test and I can see myself using and recommending it on the PC side of things for years to come.